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McMaster University researchers who analyzed thousands of documents covering a 300-year span of plague outbreaks in London, England, have estimated that the disease spread four times faster in the 17th century than it had in the 14th century.

The findings, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show a striking acceleration in plague transmission between the Black Death of 1348, estimated to have wiped out more than one-third of the population of Europe, and later epidemics, which culminated in the Great Plague of 1665.

Researchers found that in the 14th century, the number of people infected during an outbreak doubled approximately every 43 days. By the 17th century, the number was doubling every 11 days.

“It is an astounding difference in how fast plague epidemics grew,” says David Earn, a professor in the … Read the rest

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Top-ranked Enduro World Series rider Jesse Melamed is a master of flow. To prove that point, let the video above serve as Exhibit A.

Last week, Melamed laid down a few hot laps during Closing Day at Whistler Bike Park. With a little bit of snow and whole lot of flow, the Whistler-native gave a proper send-off to his hometown bike park’s last day of the 2020 season.

Here’s what Melamed had to say about the ride: “2 weeks off the bike and we were all feeling a bit sketchy! Nothing like some primo dirt and the best jumps in the world to get back to though!”

Watch: Escaping Lockdown on London's Dreamy MTB Trails

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Transfers from the nursing home to the emergency department (ED) or the hospital can have negative longer-term impact on the health of older adults.

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Shaynna Blaze is known for her bubbly personality and honest opinions as a judge on The Block.

But the interior designer has admitted that life under Melbourne‘s strict COVID-19 lockdown took its toll on her.

The 57-year-old, who was filming the Channel Nine renovation show just before Victoria’s second wave hit, told TV Week: ‘I’m a strong person, but I’ve got to say [lockdown] affected me greatly.’

'I had days where I just sobbed and sobbed': The Block's Shaynna Blaze revealed she broke down during Melbourne's strict second lockdown

‘I had days where I just sobbed and sobbed’: The Block’s Shaynna Blaze revealed she broke down during Melbourne’s strict second lockdown

‘I’m going to say this for the first time: I had days where I just sobbed and sobbed,’ she revealed.

The blonde explained that her moments of sadness were not just about being unable to go out to local restaurants and coffee shops.

‘It’s about that general conversation and connection and human touch. You’ll never take that for granted,’ … Read the rest

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It’s that time of the year: autumn, aka the season that comes before “cold.” The dropping temps do not have to be simply endured, though. If you have an affinity for bundling up, or have perfected your “sweater weather body” (the opposite of “swimsuit body,” which happens if your barbecue-to-surfing ratio gets out of whack), the autumnal equinox is likely one of your favs. Yet fall can be deceiving, a typical morning could start like winter with midday heating up, feeling like summer, only to even out with an appropriate evening chill as the sun goes down. This fluctuation is when you need a good fall jacket, with a variety of weights and styles, we’ve got you covered from shackets, to hoodies, to bombers and everything in between. Here are our favorite fall jackets for 2020.

A denim jacket is a classic staple for anyone’s wardrobe and is a … Read the rest

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People with multiple sclerosis gradually develop increasing functional impairment. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have now found a possible explanation for the progressive course of the disease in mice and how it can be reversed.

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Health authorities fear a coronavirus cluster in Sydney’s outskirts could spread to tourist towns on the NSW south coast as the state records five new infections. 

Four overseas travellers in quarantine tested positive to COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm Saturday, bringing the total number of cases in NSW to 4,149. 

The one new locally acquired case is a close contact of cases linked to Great Beginnings Childcare Centre in Oran Park, in Sydney’s south west. 

There are now six cases associated with the childcare centre, and 19 in total in the Oran Park community cluster. The centre has been closed since October 13 and will remain shut until October 28 and contact tracing and investigations continue. 

Those who attended Great Beginnings Childcare Centre between 2- 13 October close contacts and have been urged to get tested immediately and self-isolate for a full 14 days from when they last attended. … Read the rest

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A lot of beloved distilleries are releasing some of the most coveted bottles of the year right now as fall begins. Depending on state distribution, that means that a lot of great whiskeys are available now, or about to be on shelves for a short time. From well-known staples like Old Forester Birthday Bourbon to some relative newcomers like the Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing series, it’s a packed field every fall. What’s more, some bourbons like Blade and Bow 22 (which was previously released annually in the spring) have entered the game. Here’s a breakdown of what’s out and upcoming this month. It might take you months (and thousands of dollars) to track everything down, but the resulting collection would make for a year of incredible drinking.

Old Fitzgerald 14 Bottled in Bond

The Fall 2020 release of one of the best new Bottled in Bond Rarities is a big … Read the rest

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Rituals such as those centered around holidays and other celebrations play an important part in human relationships.

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When Prince Harry was seeking to impress Meghan Markle in the early days of their courtship, he took her on a surprise trip to Botswana, the African country he used to call his ‘second home’.

There they celebrated her 36th birthday in a $2,000-a-night deluxe tent at the Meno a Kwena safari camp on the Okavango Delta, with spectacular views over the Boteti River, a popular watering hole for elephants.

It was, by all accounts, an idyllic sojourn, which went a long way towards cementing their relationship.

Three years later, however, in the wake of the emergence of Covid-19, Botswana is in lockdown, its borders closed. With the collapse of the tourist industry, locals in the area surrounding the safari camp have lost their livelihoods and a region once famed for its protection of big game is now a poachers’ paradise.

In the wake of the emergence of Covid-19, countries in sub-Saharan Africa which rely on tourist dollars are all suffereing economic catastrophe, with the poorest hardest hit. Wildlife reserves have become attractive targets for gangs of poachers on the hunt for ivory and rhino horn to sell to Asia. (Above, poachers with their haul of elephant tusks)

In the wake of the emergence of Covid-19,

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