6 of the World's Most Iconic Bridges

At one point or another, we’ve all found ourselves gazing up, jaw to the floor, wallowing at a marvel of modern engineering. We’re drawn to feats completed by man that defy what we thought possible.

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With modern structures continuously improving on prior generation’s achievements, there’s no shortage of architectural wonders worth the time to experience in person. And when it comes to appreciating collective works of human construction, it’s hard to beat a bridge—a structure designed to provide greater connection. Bridges provide access, by nature, and offer multiple unique vantages. So whether it’s driving or walking the expanse, or viewing the details of the build from beneath, a massive bridge is hard to beat.

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While enjoying these incredible structures in-person is ideal, recent travel restrictions have recently stifled many opportunities. Here, we’ve rounded a few views of our favorite bridges across the globe. For some people, these are just the daily commute; for others, they are unfathomable works of genius.

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