In early April, YouTube took down a video featuring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and a group of controversial scientists at a March 18 coronavirus roundtable. The online video platform, owned by Google, cited as its rationale that the video contained false statements about the efficacy of children’s mask-wearing.

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The decision has drawn public blowback on social media and from DeSantis himself.

DeSantis held another public roundtable on April 12 (which is currently available on YouTube), along with three of the same scientists who participated in the March 18 session, during which he blasted YouTube for taking down the earlier video, calling the action “censorship.”

He said Google and YouTube have not acted as “repositories of truth and scientific inquiry” throughout the covid pandemic but instead as “enforcers of a narrative.”

“What we’re witnessing is Orwellian,” DeSantis said. … Read the rest

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Protein shakes have become synonymous with post-workout gains. But if building muscle strictly hinged upon protein consumption, we’d all be sitting around eating spoonfuls of whey protein and never hit the gym. Of course that’s not the case. You need the proper stimulus—a sound strength-and-conditioning program combined with a balanced diet high in protein. To take your physique to new heights, protein powder is a must. But here’s the kicker: You want the cleanest protein powders. Not all protein is created equal, and there are a lot of subpar options on the market.




What Makes a Clean Protein Powder

Ignore the marketing jargon and look straight at the ingredient label. Here’s your checklist to find the cleanest protein powders:

  1. Whey or a plant-based protein source should be the first ingredient. Avoid unnecessary fillers and additives.
  2. There shouldn’t be much added sugar or artificial ingredients (read: under 2 g sugar per
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Did the print on that label suddenly shrink? If you’re in your 40s or beyond, you may have asked yourself that question as you struggled to read something that you used to be able to see clearly with no problem.

Blame your aging eyes. Much like our joints, our eyes undergo age-related changes. While eye problems can affect people of any age, some conditions become more common after age 40.

Getting older? Three common eye conditions

Presbyopia. The lens of the eye gets stiffer with age, which makes it harder to focus on objects nearby — hence your label-reading struggles. Many people find satisfaction with inexpensive reading glasses, but once you need them, it’s time for a midlife vision check-up.

Cataracts. Another common condition that can crop up as you age is cataracts, a clouding of the lens of your eye that can impair vision. Cataracts affect about half of … Read the rest

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Chile has been praised worldwide for its COVID-19 vaccination program, inoculating a higher proportion of its population than all but two countries.

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University of Virginia Health System, which for years has sued thousands of patients annually for unpaid bills, said Monday it will cancel a massive backlog of court judgments and liens resulting from those lawsuits dating to the 1990s.

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Combined with reforms UVA announced in 2019, the move is likely to benefit tens of thousands of families and make UVA Health’s collections policies much more generous than those of many hospital systems, said scholars who study health care finance. The decision to wipe out liens that can drain home equity years after a hospital visit is extremely rare, they said.

UVA had been suing patients for decades, many with unpaid bills in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, KHN reported in 2019. Once the health system won cases in court, it could seize wages … Read the rest

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Most of the time, changes to outdoor gear come in slow and incremental steps: a slightly more waterproof and breathable fabric, a bit grippier shoe sole, a lighter or more compressible sleeping bag. But the new Sea to Summit line of tents—the ultralight Alto one-person and two-person, and the almost-as-light Telos two-person and three-person—represent a respectable jump in performance and design that will be making outdoor living more enjoyable and more comfortable for tent dwellers.

The designers have addressed, and overcome, three key sticking points of what can make sheltering in tents annoying. The first is space: No one wants to be cooped up in a cramped and low-slung tent. The second is ventilation: Every tent dweller has woken up to dripping ceilings and moist gear, knowing there was no rain overnight. And the third is versatility: A shelter you’re going to spend a decent amount of … Read the rest

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A micro-sized polymeric net wrapping around brain tumors, just like a fishing net around a shoal of fish: this is the microMESH, a new nanomedicine device capable to conform around the surface of tumor masses and efficiently deliver drugs.

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Doctors told you that your COVID-19 virus infection cleared months ago. However, even though you no longer struggle to breathe, and your oxygen levels have returned to normal, something doesn’t feel right. In addition to constant headaches, you find yourself struggling with seemingly easy tasks. The fatigue you experience makes moving from the bed to the kitchen feel like an accomplishment. But most troubling for you is a feeling of dread, a nervousness so severe you can feel your heart pounding. Constant worries now keep you from sleeping at night.

What are the mental health effects of COVID-19?

We are still learning about the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the brain. Data from Wuhan suggest that the virus may invade the brain, with more than one-third of infected patients developing neurologic symptoms. In addition to brain infection, we know that the pandemic has resulted in worsening mental health outcomes due … Read the rest

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The 18-year-old gave her point of view at a World Health Organization press conference, saying it’s “unethical” to vaccinate young people in wealthy countries ahead of health workers in poor places.

(Image credit: WHO/Screengrab by NPR)

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The airport says a lot about Cortez, Colorado: The single-engine planes that fly into its one-room airport seat nine passengers at most. The city of about 9,000 is known largely as a gateway to beautiful places like Mesa Verde National Park and the Four Corners Monument. But covid vaccines have made Cortez a destination in its own right.

“We had a couple fly in to get their vaccine from Denver that couldn’t get it in the Denver metro area,” said Marc Meyer, director of pharmacy services and infection control for Southwest Health System, which includes clinics and a community hospital in Cortez. Others have come from neighboring states and as far away as California, Florida and the Carolinas. “They all come back for their second dose,” he said. “Because it’s so hard to get in the cities.”

With vaccines now becoming available to the general public in much of … Read the rest

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