For cancer patients, the road from diagnosis to survivorship feels like a never-ending parade of medical appointments: surgeries, bloodwork, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, scans. The routine is time-consuming and costly. So, when hospitals charge patients double-digit parking fees, patients often leave the garage demoralized.

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Iram Leon vividly remembers the first time he went for a follow-up MRI appointment at Dell Seton Medical Center in Austin, Texas, after he had been treated at another hospital for a brain tumor.

The medical news was good: His stage 2 tumor was stable. The financial news was not. When he sat down at the receptionist’s desk to check out, Leon was confronted by a bold, red-lettered sign on the back of her computer that read: “WE DO NOT VALIDATE PARKING.”

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A vigorously shaken espresso martini feels curative, whether enjoyed as a buzzy savior before a night out or an end-of-meal nightcap. It’s frothy and rich—and making a huge comeback. Like most cocktails, preference can make or break the experience for you. Those who enjoy coffee black will find heavy-handed syrups and sugar in their espresso martinis too saccharine. Likewise liqueurs and creme de cacao can bastardize the matrimony of espresso and vodka. To perfect the art of the espresso martini, one needs precise ratios, lots of ice, and freshly brewed espresso—or, you can simply crack open a can of Deloce.

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What Deloce Is and Why We Like It

The California-based brand uses cold-pressed arabica espresso, gluten-free vodka, and cane sugar in its canned espresso martinis. You won’t get the traditional cocktail’s frothiness—but, at 11 percent ABV, you’ll still get that rush of caffeine to the brain.

Cutwater Tequila Lime Margarita

The Best

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The CDC recently lifted some of its mask guidance for fully vaccinated people. So is it safe to go out now? NPR answers your pressing questions.

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Una nueva encuesta revela que los hispanos tienen el doble de interés en vacunarse “lo antes posible” que los blancos no hispanos o personas de raza negra no hispanas. Los datos muestran que los problemas de acceso siguen siendo difíciles para la población.

Un tercio de los hispanos no vacunados dicen que quieren las dosis, en comparación con el 17% de los negros y el 16% de los blancos, según la encuesta publicada por KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation).

“Los resultados reflejan una oportunidad para que los departamentos de salud pública y los gobiernos locales lleguen a los hispanos con información y equipos de vacunación”, señaló Liz Hamel, vicepresidenta y directora de opinión pública e investigación de encuestas en KFF, quien lidera las encuestas mensuales de la organización sobre la vacuna contra covid-19.

“Definitivamente, hay una gran parte de la población hispana que está deseando vacunarse, pero no han podido encontrar … Read the rest

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Over the last month, the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations has slowed in the United States. In response, companies and local governments are offering vaccine incentives. In an effort to convince eligible Americans to get a shot, we’re seeing everything from free Krispy Kreme donuts to free craft beer in Erie County, NY. Now, Mike DeWine, the governor of Ohio, is offering some people $1 million. In addition to a case of “Well, that escalated quickly,” it’s also a sign that officials are digging even deeper when it comes to getting people vaccinated. DeWine is calling this public health initiative “Ohio Vax-a-Million.”



Raising the Bar for Vaccine Incentives

Of course, not every Ohioan who gets a vaccine is getting $1 million. But over five weeks, five Ohioans 18 or older will have the opportunity to win that sum in a drawing. The state lottery will run the drawings using … Read the rest

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Dozens of commonly used drugs, including antibiotics, antinausea and anticancer medications, have a potential side effect of lengthening the electrical event that triggers contraction, creating an irregular heartbeat, or cardiac arrhythmia called acquired Long QT syndrome.

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Dr. Leana Wen, a physician and former Baltimore Health Commissioner, discusses what Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month means to her.

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Q: The federal government approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds. What does this mean for my child?

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Extending the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to preteens and young adolescents adds nearly 17 million more Americans to the pool of those eligible to be immunized against covid-19, helping to build a vaccinated population closer to herd immunity. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are also testing the efficacy of their vaccines in teens and children.

Although children appear to catch covid less often and develop milder symptoms than adults, they can develop a rare, severe inflammatory response or “long-haul covid” symptoms. It also remains to be seen what, if any, long-term effects these younger patients may experience from covid.

The share of covid cases in children and teens is increasing — nearly a quarter … Read the rest

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Polar explorer Will Steger traces the inspiration for a 30-year career raising awareness of climate change to a chance meeting in the middle of nowhere. It was 1986 and the Minnesota-born activist was part of a team crossing the Arctic on the first unsupported expedition to the North Pole.

“I was driving my dog sled and for no reason they veered right,” Steger, now 76, remembers. “Suddenly there was a guy right in front of us.”

It was Jean-Louis Étienne, a French doctor chasing his own exploratory milestone—the first person to reach the North Pole solo. That night the two explorers sat in a tent together and dreamed up the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition.

“It was the most influential expedition of my life,” Steger says.

Six Historic Paddling Expeditions Launching This Year

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courtesy Will Steger / Photo Per Breiehagen

It inspired dozens of more expeditions, many of them … Read the rest

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Scientists at the National Institutes of Health determined that stomach inflammation is regulated differently in male and female mice after finding that androgens, or male sex hormones, play a critical role in preventing inflammation in the stomach.

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